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JT18 servo motor

The motor has small volume, low inertia, high rigidity, high efficiency, low noise, stable

Model style:35F15.335F17.335F20.355F15.355F17.3
Application field:

Shoemaking machinery, CNC machine tools, hardware machinery, woodworking machinery, formin...

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"Green products, energy saving and high efficiency" is the basic idea of Juntai hydraulic technology in the current transformation and upgrading, while responding to the country's low carbon environmental protection policy for the new generation of air compressor for the exchange of permanent magnet synchronous motor. The advanced design concept and manufacturing technology of European, Japanese permanent magnet synchronous motor and servo motor are highly concerned with the experience of machine special motor, and the new generation of air compressor special efficient and energy-saving AC permanent magnet synchronous machine is carefully built by the world's leading "motor electromagnetic design" technology at present. The motor, the AC permanent magnet synchronous motor uses unique high performance NdFeB permanent magnet. The motor has high energy product ratio and high torque inertia ratio, high efficiency, small volume, low inertia and strong dynamic response ability, which is the biggest characteristic of this series servo motor.


High energy product ratio, high energy density, high power density, compact motor structure and elegant appearance;

High torque inertia ratio enables low inertia and large torque to achieve high dynamic response characteristics;

Special stator and rotor size with unique magnetic field design minimizes cogging torque and makes the operation more stable;

The large torque design improves the handling of the permanent magnet motor, and the control accuracy is fully expressed;

The stator and rotor are made of high-performance low-loss silicon steel sheet. The rotor magnet steel is a high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet material. The high internal coercive force ensures the anti-demagnetization ability of the permanent magnet is stronger;

Class B temperature rise design F-class insulation manufacturing, using polymer insulation material, vacuum pressure dipping paint manufacturing process and special insulation structure design, the electrical winding insulation endurance and mechanical strength can be greatly improved, enough to meet the high acceleration of permanent magnet motor And the high-frequency current that resists the frequency conversion breaks through the voltage to the insulation;

The sinusoidal magnetic field design has high efficiency, wide range of constant torque speed regulation characteristics, wide range constant power speed regulation characteristics, stable speed regulation, stable torque and no torque ripple phenomenon;

The balance quality is high and the vibration level is R (lower vibration level).

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