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There are several points in the role of the hydraulic cylinder guard!

2018-06-29 by Jun Tai

The hydraulic cylinder guard is a new cylindrical mechanical part that is used for high frequency heat sealing and sewing. It not only greatly reduces the maintenance cost, but also effectively extends the service life of the equipment. The metallurgical industry, machinery processing industry and other inevitable high temperature, spatter, dust, oil, water and other complex working environment, to solve the protection of equipment under severe conditions is essential. Made from different materials. Flame retardant and high temperature resistant materials, imported materials, domestic common materials, constant temperature materials, low temperature materials


Features of the hydraulic cylinder guard:

1. The hydraulic cylinder protection cover can be used from the medium. There is no cost and supply difficulty. The used gas is directly discharged into the atmosphere, which is convenient to handle and will not pollute. The hydraulic oil is the opposite;

2. Hydraulic cylinder protection cover Because the pressure of the pneumatic system is generally in the range of 0.2-1.0Mpa, the cylinder is a power component that cannot be used as a high power. Hydraulic cylinders can be used to make relatively large power components, using hydraulic systems;

3. However, the compression ratio of air is much larger than that of hydraulic oil, so its work stability and response are far away. The hydraulic cylinder is the most important actuator in the hydraulic system. It converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and cooperates with various transmission mechanisms to complete various mechanical movements. The hydraulic cylinder has the characteristics of simple structure, large output force, stable and reliable performance, convenient use and maintenance, and wide application range.

 4, the air viscosity is small, the resistance is less than the hydraulic oil.


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