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What should you pay attention to when entering the hydraulic system?

2018-06-21 by Jun Tai

NO.1  Three Ways for Water to Enter the Hydraulic System 1 Mechanical failure such as poor sealing, cooling coil leakage causes water to enter the oil. 2 In a hot and humid climate, the tank is breathed in and brought in. 3 The working environment is humid, underground, water, rain, snow, and melting ice produces water pollution.

NO.2 Hazard of water to hydraulic system 1 It can react with hydraulic oil to form acid, colloid and sludge, and water can also precipitate additives in oil. 2 The main effect of water is to reduce the lubricity. The trace water dissolved in the hydraulic oil can accelerate the wear of high-stress parts. The fatigue life of the rolling bearing of mineral oil only from water (100-400)×10-6 It shows that the bearing life is reduced by 30%-70%. 3 Water can cause the control valve to bond, causing cavitation damage at the pump inlet or other low pressure locations. 4 Corrosion, rusting of metals.

NO.3  Solution
1 Strengthen the monitoring of water content in oil. 2 Conditional systems can be fitted with "super-adsorption" drying filters. 3 Hydraulic equipment for outdoor use, it is best to use anti-cavity;

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